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Brazillian Specialties

Guarana Antarctica

Jimmy & Joe’s Favorite exotic soda. Imported from Brazil. It will be love at first sip.

Price $1.99

Joe’s Chicken Catupiri

Jimmy & Joe’s version of one of the most super-popular pizzas in Brazil, featuring specially-imported catupiri cream cheese. Words can’t describe how incredibly delicious this pizza is—it will be love at first bite! 16″ size only.

catupiri (imported Brazillian cream cheese), chicken breast

16" $27.99


Jimmy & Joe’s version of a super popular and delicious Brazilian pizza. Served all day, every day in 14″ & 16″ sizes.

black olives, green olives, ham (shredded), hard-boiled eggs, olive oil, oregano, white onions

14" $20.99
16" $24.99

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